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In a society of ever-changing health recommendations, fads and mis-information, we strive to provide you with the latest evidence-based medical news and updates relevant to you and your family.

Does My Unwell Child Need Antibiotics?.

23 Jun, 22  

You’re exhausted. The kids are sick again. You’re sleep-deprived, the chores are piling up and you just want it to be all over! This time round, your little one has had a runny nose like Niagara Falls and keeps waking up every 2 hours with a… Read more


20 Jun, 22  
Time for Skin CANCER and MELANOMA Check-up

Dear patients, At Dural Family Medical Practice, some of our doctors have undertaken additional sub-specialisation training in skin cancer medicine and perform regular skin checks and skin cancer removals. Skin checks are strongly recommended for all adults in Australia. Common risk factors for skin cancer… Read more

Menopause Knowledge Drop.

13 Jun, 22  
Menopause Knowledge Drop

Management and treatment of menopausal symptoms depend on each individual woman’s experience. Healthy living, herbal and complementary therapies (including herbs and phytoestrogens), menopausal hormone therapy, or MHT (formerly called hormone replacement therapy, or HRT), or some non-hormonal prescription medications may assist with symptoms. If you’re… Read more

5 Cancer-Fighting Vegetables For Your Fridge.

06 Jun, 22  
Cancer fighting food

When you think of cancer-fighting veges, what comes to mind? Did you know that of all the vegetables tested, these above five veges had the most cancer-preventing properties? Notice anything they all have in common? All five belong to one of only two superfood families:… Read more

Mothers, Sisters, Wives and Daughters – Your Health is Valuable and Precious..

23 May, 22  
Women's health

WOMEN’S HEALTH There’s more to women’s health than meets the eye. Each season of life bears different challenges and responsibilities, and every woman is unique in her own biological, social and psychological make up. Having a regular long-standing GP can be valuable in order for… Read more

Weight loss superfoods PART 2 (Spices).

16 May, 22  
Weight loss superfood

Are you ready for part 2 of Weight Loss Superfoods? If you didn’t catch last fortnight’s post in early March – have a read of Part 1, on the unique properties of two very different ingredients – vinegar, and chia seeds, and how they can… Read more