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At Dural Family Medical Practice, our male and female doctors are passionate about delivering thorough care in a diverse number of fields of General Practice including: women and children’s health, men’s health, chronic and complex disease management, preventative health checks, immunisations, skin cancer and melanoma screening and treatment, mental health and sexual health to name just a few areas. To book an appointment today as a new patient, please simply follow our online booking link here. There will be a new patient form to complete. Should you have any questions, please call us today on 9651 2077. Our doctors look forward to caring for you soon!

Phone and video consultations

Phone and Video Consultations are available only to patients who have attended the practice in person in the previous 12 months.

To book a phone or video consultation, when you book online, simply select phone or video consultation as your “appointment type”. For video consultations, you will require a smart phone with front-facing camera, and mobile internet connection.

When booked for a video consultation, your doctor will send you a SMS message from “GP Consults” around the time of your appointment (please allow up to 15 minutes, if your doctor is running late). Please click the link on the SMS from GP Consults and follow-the prompts.

All phone and video consultations attract the same fee arrangement as standard appointments. Bulk-billing is available only to children aged 15 years and younger and patients with a valid Pension or Concession card.


Prescription requests can only be given via an appointment with your GP – whether it be a face-to-face standard appointment, or phone or video consultation.

Reception will not be able to take requests for prescriptions over the phone. This is to ensure that your doctor can thoroughly assess medication safety, review dosage, side effects and relevant preventive screening that may be due.

Prescriptions can be sent at the time of the consultation directly to patients’ mobile phones as an e-prescription QR code that can be scanned by your local pharmacist.

Callbacks and Clinical Reminders


Once you have performed a test ordered by your doctor (e.g., pathology, imaging), you may receive an SMS message advising you either that:

  1. Your results were stable and that you only need to make a follow-up appointment with your doctor if they requested, if you have ongoing symptoms, or if you have any further concerns
  2. You need to make a non-urgent appointment within 7 days. This can be done by booking an appointment online.
  3. Your results are urgent, and to call the clinic to make an appointment to book an urgent appointment.


From time to time, you may receive SMS messages to remind you if you are due for a screening test (e.g., mammogram, skin check) or a health assessment or care plan.

Medical Certificates

Medical Certificates can be provided by your GP only via an appointment with your doctor. As medical certificates generally cannot be backdated, please endeavor to make an appointment with one of our doctors if you are unwell.

Please book a telephone or video consultation if you are too unwell to attend the clinic in person, or if you have any infectious symptoms.


In order for us to continue delivering high-quality General Practice healthcare, we are a mixed-billing medical practice and bulk-bill only children 15 years old and below, and patients with a valid Pension, DVA or Concession card. We appreciate full payment of fees on the day of consultation. We use Medicare online and Hicaps so the Medicare rebate can be immediately refunded to your bank account.

Our fees structure is as follows:

Bulk-billing applies to patients under 16 years old, Pension and Health Care Card holders, and Veterans Affairs Card Holders. All other patients will incur a gap fee:

Consultation Type Private Fee Out of Pocket Expense
Standard (up to 15 minutes) $71.10 $32.00
Long Consultation ( > 20 minutes) $130.75 $55.00
Long Consultation (30 - 40 mins) $155.75 $80.00
Extended Consultation (>40 minutes) $191.50 $80.00
Saturday (Standard Consult) $76.10 $37.00
Saturday (Long Consult) $135.75 $60.00

• Skin biopsies and other minor surgical procedures generally incur a gap fee of $55 - $90, depending on the complexity of the procedure. Please discuss this with your doctor.

• All laceration repairs including Pension and Concession card holders and children incur a gap fee of $55 - $80, depending on the complexity and site.

• Newborn babies awaiting Medicare Card to pay Medicare fee, which can be claimed back in full (no gap) when the Medicare card arrives.

• Appointment fee for patients without a Medicare Card is $90.00.


We will bill the insurance company ONLY after a letter from the insurance company accepting liability is produced to us, including a claim number. All bills prior to that, including the initial consultation regarding the injury, will be paid by the patient, and a receipt will be issued to enable the patient to claim this back in full from Work Cover.


Outside of our normal opening hours, for all non-urgent medical issues, please contact the National Home Doctor Service on 137 425.

For all medical emergencies, please dial 000 or present to your nearest Emergency Department.


Specialist Referral requests can only be given via an appointment with your GP – whether it be a face-to-face standard appointment, or phone or video consultation.

Reception will not be able to take requests for referrals over the phone.


Confidentiality of patient information is a fundamental component of the health care system. It is necessary for the practice to collect personal information from patients to attend to their healthcare needs and for associated administrative purposes. Care will be taken that all information held by the practice is secure and accurate. Unless we have your expressed written consent, or your life is at imminent risk of harm, and in line with Privacy Legislation, medical information cannot be disclosed to any family, friends or other members of the public. We will only disclose relevant information to healthcare workers involved in your treatment if necessary.

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