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08 Dec, 21  
Cancer Early Symptoms

“DOCTOR, HOW WOULD I KNOW IF I HAVE CANCER?”By Dr Kevin Aung, MBBS, FRACGP. As a GP, I get asked a lot of questions. A very common question I get asked is how to know if you have cancer. Cancer, like many other illnesses, can… Read more

Book your COVID Vaccine Booster Dose Today

01 Dec, 21  
Booster Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine

Dear Patients, With the recent changes to the vaccine program announced in late October, please find below a quick summary update: The Commonwealth Government has announced that all people 18 years and over are eligible to have a Covid vaccine booster (Pfizer). Please note the… Read more

Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

05 Oct, 21  
A GP's top 10 tips for effective weight loss

As a GP, I often get asked this question. Here are 10 simple habits that are backed by medical science: 1. Keep to your meal routine: Try to eat at roughly the same time each day, whether this is two or five times a day. 2. Go… Read more

Pfizer Vaccines are now available

06 Sep, 21  
Pfizer Vaccines are available now

We now have a limited supply of Pfizer Vaccine and are taking ONLINE bookings only for all
current and new patients aged 12 – 59 years.

Your Mental Wellbeing during Lockdown

18 Aug, 21  
Your Mental Wellbeing during Lockdown

Home schooling. Weddings cancelled. Mask-wearing in most settings. Life as we know it has irrevocably changed.