Iron Infusions

At our medical centre in Dural, we offer Iron Infusions to patients with the appropriate clinical indications.

What is Iron Deficiency?

Iron is an essential element in the human body needed for the makeup of red blood cells that carry oxygen around the body and myoglobin in muscle tissue.

There are many causes of iron deficiency such as menstrual loss, a low-iron diet, certain gut diseases such as coeliac disease, or even more serious causes such as some cancers. Your doctor will explore in depth the underlying cause of your iron deficiency.

What is an iron infusion and When should I have one?

An iron infusion is a minor procedure that your GP can organise that involves having liquid iron infused directly into your circulation from an ampoule of iron mixed with a sterile saline bag, via a drip (cannula) in your arm.

After your GP has had a detailed consultation with you to explore the possible causes of your iron deficiency, where appropriate, the option of an iron infusion may be brought up.

Iron infusions can be a much quicker, more effective and cost-effective treatment option for restoring iron stores in the body, compared to oral iron preparations. Additionally, oral iron treatment options occasionally are associated with side effects such as constipation (with iron tablets) or teeth staining (with liquid oral iron).

If you and your GP decide to proceed with an iron infusion, a prescription for FERINJECT® intravenous (IV) iron preparation will generally be provided. You can purchase this at most pharmacies.

Are iron infusions safe?

Iron infusions are generally considered to be safe. However, as with any medications, there are potential side effects your GP will counsel you through.

Such side effects include the uncommon risks of an acute allergic reaction, a delayed allergic reaction (which can include muscle aches and fatigue for a few days), and the rare risk of a permanent iron skin stain on your arm should your vein collapse or leak during the procedure.

Your doctor will talk to you about the risks and the benefits of having an iron infusion, tailored according to your pathology results and existing medical history.

What Happens on the Day of my Iron Infusion?

At Dural Family Medical Practice, iron infusions have been a popular option for the local community including those in Dural, Kenthurst, Glenhaven, Castle Hill, Galston, Glenorie and Kellyville.

You will be at the clinic for around an hour in total. You will need to bring the filled prescription for Ferinject to our medical centre in Dural, at the time of your pre-booked Iron Infusion Appointment.

Your GP will locate the best vein in your arm (cubital fossa) and insert the cannula. A nurse will be closely monitoring your vitals to screen for signs of an allergic reaction. The actual infusion itself takes around 20 minutes. You will be able to drive home after the iron infusion.

Please note that ALL patients (including new patients) needing an iron infusion, will need to attend a pre-infusion Standard Consultation with one of the GP’s on a separate day to the infusion. For medicolegal reasons the doctor you consult will need to confirm that you have had all the necessary comprehensive investigations to determine the cause of your iron deficiency and exclude sinister causes, as well as ensuring that you have received the correct prescription according to weight and degree of iron deficiency, and finally to discuss and consent with you the potential side effects of having an iron infusion.

Iron infusions incur a total out-of-pocket gap fee of $170.30

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