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Your Mental Wellbeing during Lockdown

18 Aug, 21
Your Mental Wellbeing during Lockdown

Home schooling. Weddings cancelled. Mask-wearing in most settings. Life as we know it has irrevocably changed.

Let’s not forget that the impact of this pandemic has not only changed how we gather, work and study, but there is often the forgotten impact on our mental health.

We no longer shake hands or hug as much, yet human touch is critical to mental well-being. We no longer gather spontaneously, yet we know humans were built for relationship and community. Our days are spent with a lot more time in front of devices and screens, yet technology and media will never quite fill the void many of us feel deep inside.

In addition to eating wholesome nutrient-rich food, exercising daily and taking breaks from work, let’s not forget to nourish the mind and soul and set aside time for self-care. Read more, get out in nature, listen to music; have vulnerable, intentional conversations with your loved ones. Life is too short to forget what really matters.

And most importantly: if you are feeling empty, depressed, anxious or often on-edge, please do come in and chat to your GP today. Let’s not neglect our mental health. Mental health really matters.