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Living through coronavirus with depression

12 Sep, 22
Living through coronavirus with depression

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought abrupt changes to daily life and has forever changed how we work, play, socialise and learn at school.

Whilst some people have been able to take the changes of the last two years “in their stride” and adapt successfully, many of us have been impacted psychologically in ways we are only just unpacking.

Depression affects many Australians, young and old, male and female, and does not discriminate between cultures, professions or upbringings.

Some common signs of depression include feeling low, flat, and empty, struggling to enjoy things you previously enjoyed, feelings of hopelessness, poor motivation and concentration and interrupted sleep or weight.

If you think you are experiencing or journeying with depression, please, talk to your GP today. We’re here to help: help IS available and there are better days ahead.

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