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Is your high school child up-to-date with vaccinations?

22 Aug, 22
Is your high school child up-to-date with vaccinations?

We understand that this year has been a highly disrupted year for many school students.

If your child is in year 7 or year 10 and you think they may have missed one of their school-based vaccinations due to lockdowns or other reasons, we are welcoming all students to come in for their catch-up immunisations that were missed (please see table above).

Simply book an appointment, and your vaccination can be given on the same day.

All high school vaccinations are government-funded (therefore free), and the vaccination record will be immediately uploaded to the Australian Immunisation Register which will then reflect on the Medicare Online account.

To book your daughter or son in for a catch-up high school vaccination, please visit and book an appointment to see one of our GP’s.