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Weight loss superfoods PART 2 (Spices)

16 May, 22
Weight loss superfood

Are you ready for part 2 of Weight Loss Superfoods? If you didn’t catch last fortnight’s post in early March – have a read of Part 1, on the unique properties of two very different ingredients – vinegar, and chia seeds, and how they can help with weight loss.

Now, here’s part 2 of Weight Loss Superfoods – Spices:

Used in thousands of cultures and sub-cultures around the world from Central American cuisine to South-East Asian dishes, cumin is the second most popular spice on Earth after black pepper.

Cumin has been shown to assist with appetite suppression, as well as assist with reduction of triglycerides and cholesterol levels. At just a few dollars for a small jar of cumin powder from your local supermarket, it wouldn’t be unwise to add this to your cooking spice rack for regular use in curries, stews and roasts.

When put to the test in a randomised, double-blind trial, saffron was found to lead to significant weight loss: 2.5kilograms more than placebo and nearly 2cm off the waist in 8 weeks (Saffron and crocin improved appetite, dietary intakes and body composition in patients with coronary artery disease, Abedimanesh et al. J Cardiovasc Thorac Res. 2017.).

Black cumin is not actually related to cumin. Popular in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines, daily consumption of black cumin, or Nigella sativa, has been shown to reduce triglycerides, improve blood pressure and blood sugar control.