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Mothers, Sisters, Wives and Daughters – Your Health is Valuable and Precious.

23 May, 22
Mothers, Sisters, Wives and Daughters – Your Health is Valuable and Precious.


There’s more to women’s health than meets the eye.
Each season of life bears different challenges and responsibilities, and every woman is unique in her own biological, social and psychological make up.
Having a regular long-standing GP can be valuable in order for your doctor to understand you and your health as you journey through the different seasons of life.
Let’s face it, as cliched as it sounds, life can be like a rollercoaster, throwing unexpected turns and full of highs and lows. So whether you have a new unexplained symptom, a decline in your emotional health, or you have contraception questions you want clear answers to, your GP is here for you.

Here are 15 topics our doctors commonly encounter and carefully explore on a day-to-day basis with our female patients:
– Breast health
– Contraception and what all the options are
– Mental and emotional wellbeing
– Periods – including painful or heavy periods
– Sexual Health
– Falling pregnant, Pregnancy and Antenatal / Pregnancy care
– Menopause and Menopause hormone therapy (previously hormone replacement therapy)
– Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
– Endometriosis
– Weight loss and healthy living
– Bone Health and Osteoporosis
– Pap Smears (Cervical Cancer Screening Tests)
– Implanon (Contraceptive rod) insertion
– Cardiovascular health and mid-life health checks
– Anxiety and mental health