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5 Cancer-Fighting Vegetables For Your Fridge

06 Jun, 22
Cancer fighting food

When you think of cancer-fighting veges, what comes to mind?

Did you know that of all the vegetables tested, these above five veges had the most cancer-preventing properties? Notice anything they all have in common? All five belong to one of only two superfood families: cruciferous vegetables and the allium veggie family, which includes garlic and onions.

Note that most common vegetables typical to Western / Aussie family’s consumption, such as potato, carrot, lettuce and tomato, have “”little effect on the proliferation of tumour cell lines””.

The single most effective vegetable was garlic, which came in first place agains breast cancer, brain cancer, pancreatic cancer, lung cancer, prostate and stomach cancer. So don’t forget to throw in those extra cloves of crushed garlic when making your salad / stir-fry / roast or dressing!

[Reference – Boivin D, Lamy S et al. Antiproliferative and antioxidant activities of common vegetables: a comparative study. Food Chem. 2009;112:374-80.]