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Book your COVID Vaccine Booster Dose Today

01 Dec, 21
Book your COVID Vaccine Booster Dose Today

Dear Patients,

With the recent changes to the vaccine program announced in late October, please find below a quick summary update:

The Commonwealth Government has announced that all people 18 years and over are eligible to have a Covid vaccine booster (Pfizer). Please note the following information:

If you are 18 and over and your second dose was 5 months ago (or more), you can book for a third dose with us in one of our dedicated vaccine clinics. Please book online by selecting “”Pfizer Dose 3 / Booster Dose”” as your booking type.

If we did not provide you with your first or second dose, please bring with you proof of your previous vaccines.

Pfizer is preferred to be used as the booster. However, you can have AstraZeneca if:

  • for some reason, you cannot have the Pfizer vaccine, or
  • you had AstraZeneca as your first two doses and you do not wish to have Pfizer
  • If you have a specific health condition or severe compromise of your immune system, you may be eligible for a third dose from 2 months after your last dose. If you think you may be eligible for a third dose (2 months from your last vaccine) due to being immunocompromised, please book an appointment with one of our GPs to discuss this.

Please note that vaccine supply is fortunately no longer a proglem and we will try to accommodate you whenever we can. However, we need to run vaccines in specific clinic times as the vials only last 6 hours when they are opened. Thank you for your patience.

Further information on Booster doses can be found here:

Book an appointment for your 3rd or booster dose on our website: